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Tips for Damaged Main Water Lines & Emergency Repair Services

Water Line Repair & Replacement in Downers Grove and Chicago, Illinois

Main water lines connected to the home are what bring us clean drinking water. Although most run free from issues, main water lines can leak or become damaged over the years. Breaks in main water lines usually result from external corrosion of the pipe, while some can be damaged during construction or road maintenance. If you notice a damaged water line, contact a plumbing specialist. Stephens Plumbing offers affordable water line repair and replacement services

Why Does a Plumbing System Need a Vent?

Plumbing Vents Repair & Installation

Have you ever noticed a pipe sticking out of the roof of your home? In short, that’s a plumbing vent. Plumbing vents help move water quickly through your pipes and keep sewer gases from entering your home. All home plumbing systems need vents to function properly. Washing machines, kitchen sinks, toilets, and tubs require plumbing vents.

5 Summer Home Plumbing Problems You May Experience

Summer Plumbing Problems & Affordable Plumbing Repair

Summer has arrived, and with it comes additional wear and tear on your plumbing system. With the kids home from school and summer barbeques in full swing, the time is now to make sure your plumbing system is ready to perform and avert problems. Take the time to perform any needed maintenance on your plumbing lines and drains and follow the tips below to avoid five common summer plumbing issues so you can enjoy the beautiful weather free of stress.

How to Hire an HVAC Company

HVAC company

With summer in full swing, air conditioning units are running overtime. This increase in use can bring its share of issues, especially with older air conditioner systems. When our HVAC systems need repair, how do we know the right team to call? We want to hire HVAC contractors that are honest and fair, and who we can trust with one of the most expensive systems in our homes. So, how do you go about finding the right HVAC company for the job? Keep these qualifications in mind when hiring a HVAC contractors.


Stay Cool With These Thermostat Efficiency Tips

thermostat efficiency tips

Summertime is all about days at the beach and cookouts in the backyard. It also means you’ll need to crank up your air conditioning unit to counteract the hot temperatures. However, this comes at a cost of higher utility bills. Before you turn down the dial, read up on some thermostat efficiency tips to avoid a dent in your finances during the dog days of summer.

Check out our HVAC services!

Prevent Basement Flooding With These Five Tips

prevent basement flooding

With summer comes warmer temperatures, cookouts, and trips to the beach. However, the hot season can also bring in heavy rain and flooding in some areas, which can bring unwanted water to your basement and other parts of the house. We recently flooded you with tips on dealing with the issue after it occurs so it only makes sense that we give you some ideas on how to prevent the disaster before it enters your home.

4 Ways to Avoid Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Low Water Pressure

Dealing with a loss of water pressure in your home can be very frustrating. You go to take a shower to start your day, but the water falls weakly from the showerhead. You try using your faucet head to blast away the dried food remnants in your dishes, but it comes out at more of a trickle than a jet. Wouldn’t it be nice to address the problem now and prevent it from happening in the future? We certainly think so! Here are some tips to avoid low water pressure around your home.

#1. Examine Your Pipes

How to Maintain Clean Air in Your Home

Clean Air

When we think of dirty air, we might imagine urban smog or the choking air of a coal mine. These are certainly unpleasant areas as far as air quality goes. However, we tend to overestimate the purity of the air in our own homes. Indeed, science actually shows that homes and other buildings can have much dirtier air than the outdoors. Most of us spend a significant amount of time inside, so we should make sure we’re breathing clean air!


5 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Air Conditioner For Summer

Air Conditioner Repair for Summer Season

We’re going to go ahead and guess that preparing your air conditioner for summer is probably not on your to-do list. We get it: summer seems SO far away, especially when spring is just making an appearance (however small it may be). However, taking care of your air conditioner is not only healthy for your home environment but for your budget: the Department of Energy reports that heating and cooling accounts for almost half of your utility bill. The better maintained your HVAC, the more savings in the long run.