HVAC Summer Tips: 7 Things You Need to Know

hvac summer tips

As the summer heat begins to ramp up, you should know how to keep your air conditioner working smoothly. From easy checkups to AC replacement, here are seven HVAC maintenance tips to prepare for the summer.

1) Clean or Change Air Filter

If your HVAC system has to push air through dirty air filters, the system has to work harder, which increases your energy bills as well as wear and tear on the system. And dirty filters push dirty air into your home. Air filters should be checked and replaced as needed every one to three months.

2) Clear Debris Around the Outside Unit

Lawn furniture, bushes, and weeds can restrict the airflow around your outside AC condenser unit, which also causes your system to work harder than it needs to. It can reduce the air supply to the interior unit and cause less effective cooling.

technician checking leaks in HVAC

3) Check for Leaks

An AC drip pan full of liquid means that there is something wrong with your unit and it may break down, so you should check for leaks often. You can also get a professional duct cleaning to check for leaks and damage within the ductwork. Qualified HVAC contractors at Stephens Plumbing can clear obstructions from your system’s air ducts. You can contact Stephens Plumbing online or by phone at 630-968-0783.

4) Invest in a Smart or Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home when you’re not there, which saves money and energy. To take it a step further, smart thermostats can learn your energy habits and adjust themselves to converse energy while still cooling your home, and you can control them from your phone when you’re not home. If you want to improve your home’s energy efficiency and conserve energy costs, investing in a smart or programmable thermostat is a good choice.

5) Turn Up the Thermostat

Turning the thermostat down very low won’t cool your home – it puts strain on the system and keeps it running all day. During the hottest parts of the day, you should turn up the thermostat a few degrees to keep it from running constantly and increasing your electric bills.

man turning on thermostat

6) Upgrade Your AC

Like step four, upgrading your AC will increase your energy efficiency and decrease your energy costs. Older systems have to work harder in the summer and may be at risk of breaking down. Investing in a new system can improve your home’s air quality, lower your carbon footprint, and lower the costs of future maintenance and repairs.

7) Schedule Regular Maintenance

For the last of these HVAC tips for summer, having HVAC professionals regularly tune up your system is the best way to avoid a breakdown in the middle of summer and keep your system running efficiently. HVAC technicians can make sure your air filters are clean, confirm that the AC compressor and coils are working properly,  clean your air ducts, top off refrigerant to ensure effective cooling, and check the function of your thermostat. For a cool and worry-free summer, contact Stephens Plumbing to schedule an appointment with a licensed HVAC contractor.