10 Most Common AC Problems and How To Fix Them

Common AC Problems

Thanks to air conditioners, we can stay cool during the summer months. That’s why when our AC starts to give us problems, it certainly may raise red flags.

Being aware of the most common AC problems will help you prevent your AC from breaking down completely, so you can keep cool all summer long.

Keep reading this guide to learn about the 10 most common AC problems and how to fix them.

1) Lack Of Air Flow

Have you noticed that the air coming out of your AC is not doing its #1 job? To keep you cool?

Likewise, you may notice that your AC is hardly blowing any air, to begin with.

This is one of the most common AC problems. Here, your AC likely has a tripped circuit breaker, low refrigerant levels, or a worn-out blower belt. A regular system tune-up will help prevent this from happening in the first place. It’s also in your best interest to change your air filters every month.

2) AC Not Turning On

If your AC is not turning on, first try replacing the batteries and check your thermostat settings. If neither of these factors seems to be causing the problem, it’s likely your circuit breaker that’s creating the issue. Try resetting it by switching it on and off. If the problem persists, contact your local HVAC company.

3) Hot Air Flow

The whole point of an AC is to feel cooler, not warmer. If you notice that your AC is suddenly blowing hot air, it may indicate that you have a dirty air filter. You may also have debris in the compressor or low refrigerant levels.

The best way to tackle this issue is to frequently change your air filters and have your trusted HVAC team change your refrigerant.

4) Loud Noises

Notice any weird noises coming from your AC? This may include squealing, screeching, hissing, and grinding. You may even feel a strong vibration.

The causes may vary depending on the noise, but the likely causes of odd noises from your AC include a refrigerant leak, a relay problem, a problem with the blower motor, a compressor issue, or malfunctioning electrical issues.

Your HVAC company can get to the root cause and repair the specific problems with your AC.

5) Odd Smells

You may also notice odd scents coming from your AC. The most concerning smell you want to look out for is a burning smell, as this may indicate a wiring problem that could be dangerous. Other factors, however, include overheating within your system.

You may also notice a musty smell coming from your AC, which is usually indicative of mold or mildew growth. A licensed HVAC team like Stephens Plumbing can repair your AC, replace your ducts, and get rid of these unpleasant smells.

6) AC Turning On & Off

If your AC is repeatedly turning on and off in short intervals, the sensor may be out of place. A good way to check is to make sure that the sensor is near, but not touching the evaporator coil.  Other causes include clogged filters or a faulty thermostat.

7) Frozen AC System

A frozen evaporator cooler can cause your AC to run too frequently. Observe your AC coil and take note of any ice around the area. If ice is present, have an HVAC team come in to inspect it further.

Ignoring a frozen evaporator will inevitably lead to higher energy bills, so it’s important to take care of the issue right away.

8) AC Always Running

Notice that your AC very rarely shuts off? This likely stems from an issue with your compressor, air filters, or thermostat.

While this is a common and usually easily treatable issue, it can drastically affect your energy bills, so you won’t want to put off getting it checked out.

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9) Thermostat Not Responding

If there is a problem with your thermostat, it will not respond even when set to the lowest temperature. This could occur with your standard dial or an electronic thermostat.

Your thermostat can easily be replaced through an HVAC company like Stephens Plumbing.

10) Leaking Water

While it’s normal for your AC unit to occasionally leak water, if you notice it is happening more often than not, it may suggest dirty air filters, low coolant levels, a blockage in the drain pipe, or your unit may have been installed incorrectly.

It’s always helpful to have your AC inspected just to make sure all is well. 

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