7 Benefits of Purchasing a Water Softener & Tips

7 Benefits of Purchasing a Water Softener & Tips

Having clean, refreshing water on tap is essential. The easiest way to maintain clean hair and clothes is to invest in a water softener system.. Water softeners, as you could probably guess, “soften” your water by removing excess harsh minerals from “hard” water like calcium, iron, and magnesium. Water can easily pick up these minerals from sediment as it travels through soil and into domestic water supplies. Diluting these materials helps enhance the quality of your water and life.

Nearly 85 percent of the nation has hard water, the Midwest having one of the highest overall concentrations. On the other hand, only 30 percent of the population actually uses a water softener. By removing excess magnesium and calcium,  a whole-home water softener system will extend the life cycle of your appliances and plumbing system. To help you avoid expensive plumbing issues and high utility bills, we have compiled a list of 7 benefits of using a water softener in your home.

Advantages of Installing a Water Softener

Increases the Life Cycle of Your Appliances

The collection of scale can reduce the life cycle of your water heater, coffee machine, dishwasher, fridge, and laundry machine. Think about how many times per day you simply take a shower, turn on a faucet, flush a toilet, or do a load of laundry. Hard water is filled with calcium, iron, and magnesium particles that can damage your pipes. Once the pipes that are connected to your laundry machine become filled with excess sediment, it will take a longer amount of time for water to be circulated to the machine. 

This issue will have a negative impact on the efficiency of your washing machine. If it is taking a large amount of time to perform the wash and rinse cycles, this is a sign of hard water. On the other hand,, the magnesium and calcium particles in hard water will negatively impact the filtration of water in your coffee machine. This will cause the water tubes in your coffee machine to become clogged over time. In addition, the ingestion of these minerals can negatively affect your health. A benefit of installing a water softener in your house is an enhanced lifespan of your coffee machine, water heater, and appliances. 

Water Pipe

Reduces Sediment in Water Pipes

Hard water features a large abundance of mineral ions that cause blockages in your water and sewage pipes. As the minerals start to collect, the diameter of the pipes will decrease and restrict the flow of water. Once the pipe is filled with sediment, the water pressure will begin to decrease. This issue will increase the total amount of time it takes for warm water to be circulated to your fixtures and shower. 

Unfortunately, the heat energy in the water may be lost as the water is slowly distributed through your pipes. To ensure you receive hot water in your bathroom or kitchen, you may need to increase the temperature of your water heater to compensate for the heat loss. This will cause the price of your utility bills to increase. A benefit of investing in a water softener includes the elimination or reduction of sediment in your pipes. This type of water treatment system will increase your water pressure and lower the cost of your energy bills.

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Improves the Health of Your Skin

As you bathe in the morning, your skin may become dry due to the mineral ions in hard water. Since the hard water is unable to rinse the soap off your skin, a small layer of soap residue will be left on your skin when you shower or bathe. This will cause your skin to lose its natural oils and become dry. Since soft water contains less mineral ions, your skin will be able to absorb and maintain more moisture. 

Bathing in hard water can cause your skin to become dry or cracked in the winter season. A benefit of purchasing a water softener includes maintaining smooth and healthy skin. If your skin is irritated or red, this is a sign of hard water in your home. The easiest way to restore the natural oils in your skin is to treat your hard water with a water treatment system.

Washing Clothes

Soft and Clean Clothes

As you wash your clothes in hard water, mineral deposits will start to form on the fibers of your shirts and pants. As the abundance of mineral deposits increases, the color of your clothes may begin to fade. If your t-shirts are starting to become yellow or discolored, this is an indicator of hard water in your house. Since soft water can be absorbed more efficiently by different types of fabrics and materials, your clothes will become cleaner in the washing machine.

Enhances the Vibrancy of Your Hair

Hard water can cause your hair to lose moisture and become brittle. In addition, the excess minerals in hard water may be responsible for a loss in hair color or vibrancy. If you are looking for ways to improve the health of your hair, purchasing a water softener will help balance the pH level of your hair. In addition, a benefit of soft water includes an increase of moisture in your hair. Soft water can help your hair absorb moisture provided by your shampoo and conditioner.

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Lower Water & Energy Bills

Perhaps the most attractive advantages of using water softeners includes reduced water and energy bills. Hard water has negative effects on your appliances, clothes, dishes, and glassware. Since a water softener makes it easier to wash dishes and clothes, you will utilize less water on a monthly basis while you're conducting chores. The excess buildup of scale also forces your plumbing system to work harder at delivering the necessary amount of water to your fixtures, resulting in higher water pressure and pipe repair expenses. A water softener will reduce future costs and headaches!

Hard Water

Eliminates Mineral Deposits on Dishes

Hard water leaves its mark on dishes and glassware with white spots, a soapy film, or streaks. Soaps and detergents react differently to hard water; hard water often has a sandpaper-effect, making your hair feel more coarse or tangled. In addition, water with a large abundance of minerals will make your clothes appear rigid and dingy. A benefit of investing in a whole-house water softener includes clean utensils, dishes, hair, and skin. Since it is easier to eliminate soap scum with soft water, installing a water softener in your house will help you save money on your water and utility bills.

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