Top 5 Emergency Plumbing Tips for Chicago Residents

Top 5 Emergency Plumbing Tips

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Plumbing emergencies are virtually inevitable and extremely common. The important thing is to be prepared ahead of time to mitigate damage to your home. Here are the top five plumbing tips to remember during an emergency. 

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Know Where and How to Shut Off Your Water

Our first plumbing tip is to locate the water valve in your home. This is something many homeowners have no idea about, but it is, in fact, vital to preventing flood damage during a plumbing emergency in your home. If you don’t already know where the main water valve in your home or apartment is, take the time to find out or ask your landlord if you’re unable to locate it. If you’re having a serious plumbing emergency, you’ll need to turn the valve clockwise to turn it off. The water valve for toilets is easier to locate: for the majority of toilets, the valve is either directly behind it or at the base.

Have Plumber’s Tape, Spare Towels, Rags, and Buckets Handy

Another excellent plumbing tip for homeowners is to purchase plumbing tape. If you find small leaks that are manageable, plumber’s tape can fix this right up. Towels and rags are useful for mild to moderate pipe leakage, as well as mop buckets or any large plastic container.

Keep an Emergency Plumbing Service as a Contact on your Phone

The biggest tip we recommend is keeping a plumbing repair service as a contact on your phone. If you’re in the midst of a plumbing emergency, you probably don’t have the luxury of opening up your computer to search for nearby emergency plumbers. Plus, in an emergency situation, panic often sets in and nothing is ever where it should be. Not to toot our own horn, but Stephens Plumbing offers 24-hour plumbing service, so we’d be a great contact to add on your phone! We offer plumbing repair services in Naperville, Chicago, Downers Grove, and other areas of Illinois.

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Know How to Solve Common Problems before they Become Emergencies

The best plumbing tip we give residents is to master simple diagnostics to prevent future plumbing emergencies. An issue like a running toilet or simple clog is an easily solvable problem; you just have to be somewhat comfortable with basic toilet anatomy and how to use a plunger.

To stop the toilet from running, open the tank and examine the flapper and the seal. The flapper could be warped or damaged, which could be the source of the constant running, or the height of the float could be off, which may require a fill valve adjustment.

If you have no idea what a flapper, seal, or float is, Youtube is an excellent resource for basic toilet fixes like this. But know also when to acknowledge that the problem is outside of your ability. If you are not able to fix an issue with the toilet in your home, schedule a toilet installation and repair appointment with Stephens Plumbing. Which brings us to our next point...

Know When You Don’t Know

If things are getting hairy with a moderate leak or if you’re not sure what’s happening, definitely contact a plumber. You could cause a huge amount of damage to your home by doing something wrong with your fix attempt. The plumber has the expertise and can diagnose problems faster to prevent major damage.

No matter the time of day, Stephens Plumbing has your back. if you’re overwhelmed with a midnight emergency plumbing issue, we provide top-notch, 24/7 plumbing repair services. Contact us at 630-968-0783 for immediate help, or use our plumbing repair submission form to submit a request online. We provide emergnecy plumbing repair services in Downers Grove, Chicago, Naperville, and other areas of Illinois.