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A bathroom remodel project is a stressful process for any homeowner. The bathroom is an important part of the house and has a variety of purposes. You can use the bathroom as a retreat to soak in the tub, share a vanity with a spouse, or transform it into a family bathroom that several people are able to use.

Since the bathroom is a heavily utilized environment in your home, it will become necessary to renovate it to ensure it remains usable for you and your family. Prior to starting a bathroom renovation project, there are three main structures that need to be considered. A successul bathroom remodel project consists of developing a design plan for the sink, toilet, and the bath or shower.

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HGTV shares that homeowners need to decide what exactly they want out of their bathroom prior to beginning the remodel.

It's important to consider a couple of factors before beginning the bathroom renovation. One important factor to consider prior to the restoration is the amount of time you plan to live in your home. If you are planning to live there for a long while, you should consider different needs you may have as you age. Even though there are only three basic appliances in the bathroom, the space functions differently for everyone.

After you decide what kind of environment you want to build during the bathroom remodel project, the next steps are to make choices based on what features you need and what you can afford. The essentials of the process that need to be addressed are the layout of the bathroom and appliances/fixtures. If you know that you and your spouse will share the bathroom, double sinks may be a good idea. However, if the bathroom is just a powder room on the first floor, then you may prefer just a toilet and sink.

The design experts at Stephens Plumbing are able to collaborate with you throughout the bathroom remodel process and develop a design plan that aligns with your preferences and the current trends. After the design is configured, our renovation specialists will work with you to install cabinets, tile, fixtures, and a tub that align with your unique style. We offer bathroom renovation services throughout Downers Grove, Chicago, Naperville, and other surrounding areas in Illinois. Contact a specialist to learn more about our affordable bathroom remodel services. We will work with you to design a new bathroom that is safe and meets the proper code requirements.

Our remodeling services include in-house bathroom and kitchen custom design, custom cabinetry, ceramic tile, custom counter tops, entertainment centers and steam rooms.

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