Tips to Help Pet Owners Avoid Plumbing Repair Issues

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Pets are integral parts of our families and are as much a part of our daily lives and homes as our kids and spouses. In the same way we baby-proof our homes prior to bringing home a new little one, we should also take time to secure them for the arrival of a new pet. Pets such as dogs and cats are great companions to have in the home for kids and the elderly. However, our companions have the potential to cause detrimental damage to the home plumbing system if proper precautions are not followed. There are a few simple, yet effective ways to ensure your home and its plumbing system are pet-proof prior to arrival. Keep pets safe, and your home plumbing system in good working order by following these five tips:

Are you having home plumbing issues with your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom drains? Pet hair is likely the cause of your clogged drains. Call a plumbing repair specialist at Stephens Plumbing at (630) 968-0783 or fill out our Contact Form to receive drain cleaning assistance. We provide plumbing repair, installation, and replacement services throughout Downers Grove, Chicago, Naperville, and a wide variety of other areas in Illinois.

Invest in Drain Strainers

Your furry friend is full of just that - fur. As you bathe them, that fur and any dirt within it can make its way into your home plumbing system. Keep unwanted hair and dirt out of your drain and plumbing system by installing drain strainers. These strainers fit right over your existing drains, collecting fur and debris to help you avoid home plumbing repair and installation projects. We recommend cleaning these strainers after each bath to keep your plumbing system fur and dirt free.

Drain strainers help keep the majority of hair and dirt out of your drains and plumbing system, However, these strainers do not catch all loose objects. As you continue to use the sink in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, you will likely experience clogged drains at one point or another. We recommend scheduling regular plumbing repair appointments to keep your drains in good condition. Contact a plumbing specialist to learn more about our plumbing services.

Close Toilet Lids

Keep your pet safe from illness and hazardous chemicals by making sure to keep the toilet lid closed. Pets who drink out of toilet bowls can not only be exposed to germs when drinking, they can also come into contact with residue from harmful chemicals used in cleaning. To keep your pet safe and hydrated, close the toilet lid after each use, and ensure your pet has sufficient water in their water dish to last them throughout the day.

Throw Away Litter

A sure way to clog your drainage system is using it as a place to get rid of used kitty litter. Litter is not meant to make its way down your drain pipes and should be thrown away after use, not flushed. Not only does flushing it down your plumbing system have the potential to cause clogging, but the litter and additional debris can also stick to these pipes and build up over time. This build-up can increase your chances of costly plumbing repair services overtime due to corroded or clogged pipes.

Are you having issues with your drainage system? Book an appointment to receive affordable plumbing repair services. Our team will diagnose the problem and restore your drainage system to full capacity.

Secure Holes & Exposed Pipes

If you have drainage systems in your basement or yard, check to make sure they are covered and free from damage. Damaged drain covers or unsecured drain holes may entangle smaller pets. You'll also want to check around the house for exposed pipes. If found, be sure to block or secure these pipes to prevent chewing or damage by pets.

We offer affordable drain covers and will help you secure drain holes to ensure your home is safe for your pet. We offer plumbing repair and installation solutions for homes in Chicago, Naperville, Downers Grove, and other areas in Illinois for all types of problems. Contact a specialist to schedule a service appointment.

Install Pressure Valves

A win-win for both you and your pet, pressure valves help stop sudden changes in water temperature when someone flushes the toilet while you're using the bathtub/shower. Although we may be used to these sudden changes in water temperature, they can be shocking and potentially harmful to our pets. Installing pressure valves will protect your pets from scalding water by keeping it at a nice, even temperature.

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