5 New Bathroom Design Trends To Use in Your Home

5 New Bathroom Design Trends To Use in Your Living Space

Upgrading the bathroom in your living space is an excellent way to increase the value of your property. In addition, a large number of potential buyers will not purchase a house with an outdated kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom. If you are preparing to put your home on the market, you may need to perform a bathroom remodel to ensure you receive a return on your investment. To help you improve the comfort and value of your living space, we have compiled a list of 5 new bathroom trends that can be utilized to impress potential buyers.

Latest Bathroom Trends To Use For Your Upcoming Remodel Project

5 New Bathroom Design Trends To Use in Your Living Space

1. Add An Accent Wall to Your Bathroom

Add a touch of interest to a neutral bathroom with an accent wall. Accent walls are one of the most popular new bathroom trends this year. These walls give the room a little personality without going overboard. If you’re not a fan of sparkle or too much design, try using the same color combination but replacing a wall or section of wall with a textured tile. Adding a strip of accent tile in your shower can change it from solid and boring to unique and interesting. Accent walls are a beautiful bathroom design trend that can be utilized to add warmness and vibrancy to your home bathroom. A licensed contractor will work with you to choose a color for the accent wall that matches the decor of your home and styling preferences. 

5 New Bathroom Design Trends To Use in Your Living Space

2. Upgrade Your Bathroom Faucets & Shower Head to Brass & Gold

The latest bathroom design trend a large number of homeowners are adopting include switching from chrome and nickel fixtures to brass and gold faucets. Update the faucets, handles, and shower fixture in your bathroom to warmer, matte brasses and golds. Mixing these warm tones with cooler colors in walls and flooring creates a calming yet clean environment, keeping the spa like feel that is on trend. 

5 New Bathroom Design Trends To Use in Your Living Space

3. Install An Underfloor Heating System

Wake up to warmth by adding underfloor heating to your home bathroom. These heating systems can be budget friendly are a common bathroom remodel trend. Underfloor heating systems are able to be installed seamlessly when replacing your old flooring during your bathroom remodel project. With a small investment, you’ll feel big results each time you step in your bathroom. This new bathroom trend is popular with homeowners that are looking for ways to eliminate the cold tile floors in their bathrooms during the winter season. You will no longer dread getting out of bed and walking into a cold bathroom in the morning. Instead, you’ll walk into a warm, inviting space making each morning a little bit easier.

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5 New Bathroom Design Trends To Use in Your Living Space

4. Install a Smart Shower & Audio System in Your Bathroom

While most homes are already embracing the dual flush toilet, allowing for better water efficiency, that’s not the only way your bathroom can go high-tech. From showers that know your preferred temperature settings, to speakers ready to greet you with your favorite song, these types of devices are prominent bathroom design trends for homes. Include tech updates in your bathroom remodel project to create a space as unique as you.

5 New Bathroom Design Trends To Use in Your Living Space

5. Transform the Enclosure Into a Spa With a Rainfall Shower Head

Showers are moving from one head to multiple, giving them a spa like feel each time we step into them. Rainfall shower heads and 360 degree fixtures make it feel more like showering under a waterfall than showering in your own home. These deluxe showers bring the spa to you and add that pampering touch homeowners are looking for. Rain shower heads are a popular bathroom trend because they help transform your bathroom into a therapeutic, rejuvenating, and relaxing environment.

Bathroom Design & Remodel Services

Once a simply functional space, our home’s bathrooms are becoming more like personal sanctuaries or spas. The latest bathroom design trends include soothing colors and tranquil spa-like baths.  When you’re ready to begin a bathroom remodel project, think beyond the norm and imagine a space where you can retreat to, a space to relax and wash away the day.

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