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Plumbing plays a crucial role in how your home or facility functions. That is why our team of plumbers in Naperville IL offer home plumbing repair and commercial plumbing services. Our goal is to keep your house or property running smoothly.

Plumbing plays a crucial role in how your home functions. That is why our plumbers offers plumbing repair services to homes and businesses in Naperville, IL.

Our plumbing company provides prompt and professional services, no matter the size of your home or facility. We offer plumbing installations, repairs, maintenance, tune-ups, replacements, and more. For exceptional workmanship, you can always count on our certified team of plumbers in Naperville IL.

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Power Rodding & Drain Cleaning

Power rodding and drain cleaning are plumbing methods that are used to dislodge clogs throughout your drain system. If your clog requires power rodding, our team of plumbers in Naperville IL will attach a cleaning tool to the top of a metal cable. Our plumbers in Naperville IL will thread the cable through your drain system ridding the system of any clogs to ensure your pipes flush efficiently.

Water Heater

Water Heater Repair, Replacement, & Installation

Your water heater is one of the most essential parts of your plumbing system in your home. Fixing a hot water heater, in most cases, may not be in most homeowners knowledge toolkits. Waiting too long to fix your hot water heater may lead to more harm and could result in a more crucial issue to your home plumbing system. If you notice a leak or a sudden loss in hot water, contact our trustworthy plumbers to receive emergency assistance. Our local plumbers offers plumbing repair and installation services for all types of water heater issues in Naperville, Illinois.

Water Line Repair, Replacement, & Installation

When water lines start to age they can become more susceptible to the effects of ground movement, freezing and thawing, water pressure and occasionally even tree root intrusion. Once a water line is damaged it could lead to emergency replacement. You can notice damage to your water line if you notice anything from discolored water to reduced water pressure. To avoid these issues you should schedule regular water line maintenance with our emergency plumbers in Naperville, Illinois.

Fixture & Faucet Repair & Installation

Stephens Plumbing offers various services such as backflow preventer installation, sump pump repair or replacement, garbage disposal installation, kitchen faucet replacement, and water softener installation. Our plumbing repair specialists can provide replacement services, and appliance installation for the top equipment and manufacturers in the industry. Our plumbers in Naperville IL offer support to both small to large homes, commercial facilities, and offices that feature varying types of appliances and fixtures.

Plumbing Repair, Replacement, & Installation

Plumbing installations and upgrades are just some of our specialties at Stephens Plumbing. Our plumbers in Naperville IL will replace or install your new equipment and configure it to work flawlessly with your existing plumbing and sewer systems. We will even evaluate your current plumbing repair requirements and make recommendations for an upgrade or new fixture installation. These recommendations and upgrades are to make sure your plumbing system is running as smooth as possible and to avoid issues you could encounter down the road.

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Backflow Preventer Installation & Backflow Testing

Having a backflow prevention device can save you from contaminated water. A backflow prevention device is a piece of equipment that's installed in your water pipes as a means of stopping the water from flowing in the opposite direction. Its primary purpose is to prevent your drinking water from being contaminated by this backflow. We recommend scheduling a backflow testing appointment with our plumbers in Naperville IL to ensure your water is safe to consume.

Sump Pump Replacement & Repair

Some people take on a sump pump replacement as a do-it-yourself project. However, it is safer to allow a plumbing professional to do the sump pump installation in order for everything to work properly. If your sump pump is not working, our licensed plumbers to assess the situation and ask about our sump pump replacement services.

Garbage Disposal Installation & Replacement

Garbage disposals keep our home running smoothly and comfortable to live in. When your garbage disposal breaks, water leaks from your system and clogged food from the drain can begin to leave an odor, turning your kitchen into chaos. Don’t let a broken garbage disposal disrupt your day. We offer plumbing repair solutions to help eliminate clogs and odors in the kitchen. 

If you’re in need of any plumbing installations, repairs, or tune-ups, call our staff of emergency plumbers at (630) 968-0783 or fill out a plumbing service request form.

Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair & Replacement Services

Our staff of certified contractors offers reliable furnace repair, maintenance, and installation services to residents in Naperville, IL. Our staff has the equipment required to fix issues with your electric or gas heating systems. If your furnace is creating weird noises or performing short heating cycles, this is a sign you need to invest in a high-efficiency furnace. Give our team a call by phone at (630) 968-0783 to book a heating service with our staff.

4 Indicators It’s Time to Upgrade Your Furnace

Rapid Heating Cycles

Once the thermostat detects the temperature is low in your home, it will distribute an electrical signal to activate the furnace. The furnace will operate for 10 to 15 minutes to provide warm air to your home. On the other hand, your furnace may operate 2 to 3 times per hour to maintain a warm temperature in your house. However, the total amount of times your furnace operates is dependent on your location and insulation. If your furnace is turning on and off every 3 to 5 minutes, this is an indicator it’s time to replace your furnace.  

Discolored Flames in the Gas Burner

The gas burners in your furnace are designed to produce hot blue flames during the heating cycle. However, a carbon monoxide leak can cause the flames to turn yellow in your furnace. If you notice rust on the exhaust pipes or moisture on your windows, this is a sign of a toxic gas leak in your house. To prevent gas poisoning, it’s important to hire a certified technician to inspect and fix your furnace.

High Gas Bills

As your furnace reaches the end of its lifespan, its efficiency will start to decrease. The heating system may be required to operate continuously throughout the day to produce a sufficient amount of heat for each room in your house. This problem will cause the total cost of your energy bills to increase. If you are tired of losing money each month, you will need to buy a high-efficiency furnace with a high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating.

Weird Sounds

If your furnace is creating weird noises while it's on, this is a sign of an issue with the blower assembly or a different part. Is your furnace producing a booming, knocking or popping noise? This is a sign of a malfunctioning part that should be replaced by a licensed HVAC technician. If your fan is on constantly during the day, this is a sign the furnace on your property needs to be replaced.

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Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Solutions

We offer dependable HVAC and air conditioning repair or replacement solutions to residents in Plainfield. If your energy bills are high in July or August, this is a sign you have an inefficient air conditioner with a low SEER rating.  To receive help with installing or maintaining an air conditioner, give our team of contractors a call at (630) 968-0783 to book an appointment.

Advantages of Buying a New Air Conditioner

Lower Energy Consumption

If you purchased your air conditioner 15 to 20 years ago, it is probably consuming excess electricity and has a low SEER rating. The newest central cooling systems for sale are designed to help you conserve energy each month. This will help lower the total amount of money you spend on electricity bills each year. In addition, purchasing an energy-efficient air conditioner with a Energy Star certification will help protect the environment from harmful emissions. Air conditioners with an Energy Star rating feature a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating.

Eliminates Contaminants in the Air 

The latest central air conditioning systems are integrated with reliable indoor air quality features that offer superior humidity control, air purification, and ventilation. An high-efficiency air conditioner can be connected with a whole-house air purification system that is engineered to extract dust, pollen, dirt, and mold from the air.

Quiet Operation

The latest air conditioners from the best brands in the HVAC industry are designed to produce less noises when they are on. In addition, new air conditioners are designed to fit in small locations in your yard. If your air conditioner is distributing warm air through the supply vents, this is an indicator it’s time to replace your central air conditioner. Configuring a new air conditioner will help enhance the flow of air in your house.

High SEER Scores

The term SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This key performance indicator is designed to measure the total amount of electricity that is consumed in comparison to the amount of warm air removed from the home. A system with a high SEER score is more efficient than a unit with a low score. The newest high-efficiency air conditioners are equipped with SEER ratings as high as 25. If you have an old air conditioner on your property, it may feature a SEER rating of 10 or below depending on the year it was installed. 

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