Emergency Plumbers, HVAC, & Air Conditioning Repair Services in Lombard, IL


Plumbing Services

Plumbing problems? We can help. Our staff of emergency plumbers offers plumbing repair and installation services to homes in Lombard, Illinois. You don’t need to worry when you give us a call—our team of plumbing experts will get to your home as soon as possible to get you the service you need. Whether you have a mysterious leak or a clogged drain, give our plumbers a call by phone at (630) 968-0783 to receive help with a plumbing problem.

Our Services Include:

  • Power rodding and drain cleaning
  • Pipe repair and installation
  • Backflow testing and prevention services
  • Fixture and faucet installation
  • Sewer repair
  • Toilet and faucet repair

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If you need assistance with a plumbing or HVAC issue, schedule an appointment with our staff of licensed plumbers and technicians.


Water Heater Repair & Installation Services 

Keep your water heater working effectively. A damaged or malfunctioning water heater can be a big problem to your home. That’s why our staff of emergency plumbers are here to help you with a water heater repair or installation in Lombard, IL. Don’t run out of hot water! Give our plumbers a call by phone at (630) 968-0783 to receive support with a malfunctioning water heater.

Our Water Heater Services Include:

  • Gas or electric water heater installation
  • Gas or electric water heater repair
  • Water heater service and maintenance
  • Replacement options for water heaters

Water Line Repair

Water Line Repair Services

Don’t ignore leaking water lines, because even a small leak can turn into a big dent in your wallet. Left un-serviced, a leaking water line can cost thousands of dollars to fix and cause serious damage to your home, like the growth of hazardous mold and warped, stained walls. Avoid this problem at your home in Lombard, IL by calling our staff of emergency plumbers.

We’ll take care of any and all water leaks—and you can rest assured that you’re getting the best service around! Our team of local plumbers offer water line repair as well as other maintenance services for faucets, toilets, water heaters, garbage disposals, and valves.

Furnace Repair & Installation Services

A furnace helps keep your home warm and comfortable, but if it breaks down, things can go downhill pretty quickly. For any furnace-related issues you have, call our certified furnace technicians to help you out. We offer 24-hour furnace repair services so that you can keep your home comfortable and habitable. Our furnace repair services are for both electric and gas furnaces, including:

  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Replacement
  • Emergency 24-hour service

Don’t get caught in the cold! Contact our trusted furnace technicians to get your furnace up and running in no time.

6 Types of Furnace Problems & How to Fix Them

Is your house colder than it should be? Do you hear strange noises? This could all be due to furnace repair problems. But don’t worry—you don’t need a whole new furnace just because your old one is acting up. Read on to find out six common furnace problems and their solutions.

1.) The Furnace is Not Receiving Energy

This might seem obvious, but many times it isn’t. If your furnace isn’t turning on, but the thermostat is, it could be that the furnace isn’t connected to power. It might’ve gotten unplugged, or there might be a problem with your circuit breaker. 

Here’s How To Fix It: Check the circuit breaker. If it is “off,” flip it to “on.” If it is in between, flip it to “off” then “on.” If this doesn’t work then your circuit breaker might need repair or replacement. 

2.) Clogged Air Filters

Is the air blowing from your furnace feeling a little cold? You might have a clogged or dirty air filter. This restricts the airflow, causing your furnace to lose efficiency. It may also overheat the furnace heat exchanger, causing the unit to shut down.
Here’s How To Fix It:  One of the easier fixes, all you need to do is swap out the old filter for a new one or clean it to get it back to working condition again.

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3.) Malfunctioning Pilot Light or Electric Ignition System

Pilot light issues will prevent your furnace from working. Pilot light orifices can get clogged, your flame setting could be too low, or your safety switch might be defective. If your pilot light is sputtering out, you’ll need to check on your furnace to see why.

Here’s How To Fix It: The simplest way to fix this furnace repair issue may be to clean your flame sensor. To do this, turn the power to the furnace off and close the gas supply valve. Next, use a ¼” hex-head screwdriver to remove the flame sensor. Rub the sensor gently with fine-grit sandpaper, wipe away any dust, and replace!

If this does not work, you will need to contact your local HVAC repair experts to help you out. 

4.) Squealing Sounds

This jarring furnace sound is caused by a slipped or worn blower belt. Usually, a certified technician can help you replace the blower belt or perform a furnace repair. But if you’re mechanically-savvy, then you might be able to fix the problem yourself.

Here’s How To Fix It: If the belt doesn’t have any damage, tighten it up. If there is damage, go to your local home improvement store to find a replacement and replace it according to the manufacturer’s manual.

5.) Incorrect Thermostat Settings

A furnace that doesn’t seem to be working could actually be the thermostat’s fault. A furnace is like a car, and the thermostat is the driver. If the driver isn’t turning on the car or steering the wheel properly, the car won’t go to where it needs to. 

Here’s How To Fix It: Check to see if your thermostat is on the right setting or if it has been accidentally turned off. It could also be that its batteries died. If your thermostat is old or worn out, it might also need to be replaced in order for your furnace to function properly. 

6.) Grinding Noises

Equally as alarming as squealing noises, grinding noises are a commonly-encountered furnace repair problem. This issue lies with the blower. It happens when ball bearings are worn out and need to be replaced.

Here’s How To Fix It: There’s no way to do it on your own—you’ll need some professional assistance with this one. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to help!

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement Services 

Nothing is worse than a broken AC unit on a hot day. Don’t get stuck in this predicament—service your air conditioner regularly to prevent issues. Once we perform an inspection of your system, we will perform air conditioning repair or replacement services to restore the circulation of cold air in your house.  We offer speedy and high quality HVAC services at fair prices. We offer:

  • AC maintenance
  • AC repair
  • AC replacement and installation

Have an issue with your air conditioner? Not a problem—we’ll get it fixed for you. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment

3 Types of Air Conditioner Problems

It’s important to know about the three common types of air conditioner problems—that way, you can take preemptive action to avoid a big, costly air conditioner repair.

1.) Refrigerant Leaks

If your system is leaking refrigerant, it can lead to bigger air conditioning repair issues. Along with bringing down efficiency, it won’t blow cold air and could rack up your power bill. It might also freeze your AC’s coils, damage your compressor, or cool your house unevenly. Schedule regular maintenance to avoid this problem—you’ll be glad you did. 

2.) Air Conditioner Is Producing Noises

Air conditioner units usually operate with a little noise, but if you hear anything unusual, this is a sign it's time to perform an air conditioning repair. Keep an eye and ear out for the following sounds:

  • Hissing: This could be due to a refrigerant leak
  • Clicking: Hearing this means that it’s a relay problem.
  • Banging or Thumping: If you hear this sound, then it’s probably the blower or motor assembly.
  • Screeching: This is usually due to a malfunctioning fan motor or compressor.
  • Buzzing: Hear a buzzing? That’s an electrical problem.

3.) Frozen Evaporator Coil

If your AC stops working completely, a frozen evaporator coil could be the culprit. We provide reliable air conditioning repair services and have the tools necessary to fix a blocked vent or duct, dirty filter, or malfunctioning fan.  Always remember to keep your air filters clean to maximize airflow, efficiency, and indoor air quality. 

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