Emergency Plumbers, HVAC, & Air Conditioning Repair Services in Joliet, IL


Emergency Plumbing Services 

Dealing with a plumbing emergency? Get immediate help with Stephens Plumbing. As leading plumbers in Joliet, IL, our seasoned team performs emergency plumbing repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance services when you need it most. 

Pesky leaks or clogged drains can ramp up expensive repairs and make your home uncomfortable if not addressed right away. Our team of emergency plumbers in Joliet, IL are always available, arriving at a moment’s notice to perform quality repairs—done right the first time. 

Our Emergency Plumbing Services Include: 

  • Power rodding and drain cleaning
  • Pipe repair and installation
  • Backflow testing and prevention services
  • Fixture and faucet installation
  • Sewer repair
  • Toilet and faucet repair

Get your plumbing up and running in no time. Contact Stephens Plumbing right away! 

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Water Heater Repair & Replacement Services

We tend not to think of our water heater system until there’s a problem. A malfunctioning water heater can wreak havoc in your home: expensive repairs, damaged furniture, discomfort for you and your family. Our team of emergency plumbers in Joliet, Illinois offer dependable water heater repair and installation services. Whether you notice a leak or experience a sudden loss of hot water, our plumbers will arrive at your home promptly, make a sound diagnosis, and repair or replace your water heater—satisfaction guaranteed. 

Our Water Heater Services Include: 

  • Gas or electric water heater installation
  • Gas or electric water heater repair
  • Water heater service and maintenance
  • Replacement options for water heaters

Don’t live without hot water a moment more. Give our team a call! We’ll repair your water heater hassle-free. 

Water Heater Repair

3 Common Water Heater Noises & What They Indicate

Sometimes it’s difficult to detect if your water heater is malfunctioning until it’s too late. But do you know a sure tell-tale sign of a failing water heater? Strange noises. Reach out to our team of plumbers in Joliet, IL if you hear any of the following noises coming from your water heater. 

Popping Noises 

Over time, sediments—in the form of sand or other debris—can collect at the bottom of your water heater. When these minerals reach a critical level, you’ll most likely experience popping noises.

Sediments typically enter your water system two ways: 1) deposits travel in with the water supply, and 2) sediments can build up from the minerals produced when water is heated inside the tank. Though the thought of sediments being in your hot water sounds dangerous—don’t be wary. Low amounts of sediments are harmless and natural. It’s high amounts of minerals that warrant concern. 

Popping noises can eventually lead to leaks in your system if not addressed. That’s why water heater maintenance is important. If your tank is not flushed correctly and routinely, these sediments will build up, causing a leak. 

Make sure you’re getting your water heater inspected and flushed. If you hear a popping noise, call your local plumber in Joliet, IL to restore your water heater to working condition. 

Rumbling Sounds 

Rumbling sounds are also another indicator of sediment buildup. This is especially true when water heater sediment particles have built up excessively. 

Normally, you can drain the tank, remove the heating element, and thoroughly clean any lime and sediment build-up to fix this. However, it’s always best to have a professional plumber perform water heater maintenance to ensure your system is cleaned to the best standard. 

Sizzling Noises 

Is your water heater making a sizzling noise instead? Restricted airflow could be the culprit. This can stem from many possibilities. First, check the T&P relief valve. Is the sizzling sound coming from there? The safety valve allows water to escape the tank when it builds up from too much pressure. If you’re experiencing noises from the T&P valve, try shutting down the water heater by turning off the power and water. From there, contact a professional plumber.

Another consideration is the water inlet valve: check if it’s fully opened. This water valve, located on top of the heater, allows water to enter the water heater. If fully closed, this can restrict airflow and trigger the sizzling noise. If that’s not the case, examine all other water lines and valves for kinks in the line and ensure the valves are fully open. 

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Sump Pump Repair & Replacement Services

Sump pumps are essential to your home. They collect groundwater from your basement, preventing flooding and water damage expenses. And if you do experience sump pump malfunctions, you deserve a prompt and professional plumbing service near you. 

Our team of plumbers offers high-caliber sump pump repair and installation services to homeowners in Joliet. Ensure your sump pump works effectively. Our local plumbers offer long-lasting, affordable repairs, arriving promptly to each appointment.  

Our Sump Pump Services Include: 

  • Sump Pump Repair
  • Sump Pump Install
  • Sump Pump Replacement
  • Sump Pump Troubleshooting
  • Sump Pump Maintenance

4 Types of Sump Pump Problems

If you’re experiencing sump pump issues, you likely notice irregular cycling, motor failure, and strange noises. Here are some of the most common sump pump problems and why. 

Clogged Sump Pump & Switches

A clog can come in many forms. Dirt and debris can obstruct the sump pit, especially if the sump pump doesn’t have a lid to cover it. 

Similarly, the “float” switch that turns the pump on and off can get clogged as well. With cheaper sump pump models, switches may jam in the system, causing your sump pump to slow down or stop working altogether. If dealing with a clog, your best bet is to speak with a professional plumber in Joliet, IL. 

Clogged Discharge Pipes

Another reason for system failure is a frozen or clogged discharge line. Discharge lines eject gathered water safely out of the basement. To best avoid a clogged discharge pipe, make sure all discharge lines are clear of dirt and debris that may restrict the line. Contact a professional for sump pump maintenance to keep your discharge line clean, clear, and rid of debris. 

Sump Pump Operating Non-Stop

Regardless of the weather or season, if your sump pump runs continuously, this is a huge indicator that something is wrong. You’ll need to contact our staff of local plumbers in Joliet, IL right away. A sump pump running non-stop can be due to many reasons. Your sump pump could be too big or small, causing it to overextend itself. This is typically known as short cycling. Additionally, a check valve could be missing or broken, or a sump pump, known as the float switch, can be clogged. 

Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair & Installation Services 

During colder seasons, a warm home is a happy home. Stephens Plumbing is just a phone call away when you need immediate furnace repair, installation, or maintenance. For any furnace-related issues you have, call our certified furnace technicians. We offer 24-hour furnace repair services so that you can keep your home cozy and comfortable. 

Our Furnace Repair Services Are For Both Electric and Gas Furnaces, Including:

  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Furnace Installation
  • Furnace Replacement
  • Furnace Emergency 24-hour service

Never get left in the cold. Contact our trusted team of professional technicians right away and get your furnace running in no time. 

3 Issues That May Cause a Furnace To Perform Short Cycles

Short cycling is a malfunction that occurs when a furnace rapidly turns on and off for short bursts of time. This typically occurs for four to seven seconds per cycle. 

If you’re experiencing this, here are three possible reasons why. 

Oversized Furnace

An oversized furnace typically heats your home quickly but unevenly. This is where the rapid short cycling occurs, trying to keep temperatures throughout the home consistent. 

Poor insulation also aids in short cycling. Though furnaces designed for larger homes produce substantial heat, most of the energy will seep through faulty seals, cracks, and holes. An improperly insulated home and wrong-sized furnace results in short-cycling to sustain constant temperature. 

Blockage in Exhaust Vent

A more serious short-cycling cause is a blocked exhaust vent. This type of furnace repair issue can be caused by a bird’s nest, snow, or ice. If the obstruction is not removed in the exhaust vent, the furnace may start to overheat and shut down repeatedly. This particular problem is extremely dangerous and should be addressed immediately. A blocked exhaust vent can push toxic carbon monoxide back into your home. 

If your exhaust vent is located on the sidewall, examine it to ensure it’s free of debris. You can also place a screen over the vent to stop animals such as birds from entering and clogging the vent—the same goes for roof vents. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, our licensed technicians offer reliable furnace repair services and will help you protect your exhaust vent from blockages.

Contaminated Air Filter

As a simple component that makes a huge difference, air filters must be changed regularly to maintain healthy airflow. If your air filter is dirty, you could experience pressure backup; warm air that stays in your furnace will raise the internal temperature. That’s when your system will shut off. Consequently, a lack of warm air entering the home will lower the temperature, triggering short cycling. 

Before changing your air filter, always check your owner’s manual to ensure you install the right filter size and type. The owner’s manual can also tell you when’s the best time to change it. If you have any questions or concerns, contact our friendly professionals at Stephens Plumbing. 

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Services

No homeowner should have to deal with a broken AC on a hot day. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Don’t get stuck in this predicament. Call our staff of certified technicians by phone at (630) 968-0783 to sign up for an air conditioning repair service in Joliet, Illinois.  If your AC needs repair or maintenance services, our team of HVAC repair professionals is ready to get your AC working again with speedy, quality service and fair prices. 

  • Air conditioning maintenance
  • Air conditioning repair 
  • Air conditioning replacement and installation

Do you notice an air conditioning repair issue? Not a problem. Stephens Plumbing will fix it for you. Just give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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