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Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Services

Is your air conditioner  not cooling your house? Don’t get stuck in a hot, uncomfortable home a moment longer. Our staff of licensed technicians delivers the best air conditioning repair services to you and your family in Glen Ellyn, IL. We specialize in air conditioning repair and replacement so  that you can enjoy your summer season. Call our staff of exceptional technicians and local plumbers by phone at (630) 968-0783 and sign up for an air conditioning repair service. Whether you need immediate repair or installation, our professional HVAC team is ready to help you with our competitive pricing, quality service, and prompt arrival. 

Our Air Conditioning Services Include: 

  • Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation

When it comes to your air conditioning (AC) system, get the long-lasting comfort you deserve. Give Stephens Plumbing a call and schedule your speedy repair today. 

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5 Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Air Conditioner 

Suspicious your air conditioning system may need a repair soon? Stop problems before they arise and keep comfortable all summer long. Here are five tell-tale signs it’s time to get your AC repaired. 

Poor Airflow 

Does it feel like not enough air circulates your home? Like no matter how low you turn your AC thermostat, it still doesn’t manage to cool your home as it once did? If you’re experiencing this, it may be time for an AC repair. Several issues can conclude to inadequate airflow, from clogged filters to blocked ductwork. To best determine the problem, get your ac repaired before it breaks down completely. Contact your local HVAC professional right away! 


Noticing leaks, drips, or wet spots surrounding your air conditioner? Though an air conditioner naturally leaks liquid, excessive moisture around your unit can lead to serious problems. Call our licensed technicians and local plumbers in Glen Ellyn, IL to schedule an air conditioning repair before the leak causes damage to wires and other components. We are committed to maintaining  your unit to the best standard.

Weird Sounds 

Hissing, squeaking, rattling, popping, or grinding noises are common signs of an air conditioning repair issue. If you are noticing these sounds more often than usual, it’s time to hire a professional to perform an air conditioning repair or maintenance. Strange sounds will vary, from severe to minor issues. No matter the cause, get a second opinion on your unit and make sure there’s no long-lasting damage that disrupts your home’s comfort in the future. 

Strange Smells 

Your AC unit shouldn’t smell, period. So if your unit smells foul, smokey, or outright unusual, turn your air conditioning system off immediately and contact an HVAC professional. Especially when it comes to a smokey smell, you’ll want to shut off your system and contact a technician on our team in Glen Ellyn, IL to perform an air conditioning repair to avoid a potential fire hazard.

High Energy Bills 

Notice your summer utility bill is much higher than usual? Don’t dismiss it, your AC could be telling you something. Spiked energy bills may be a sign of an air conditioning repair issue. Contact our team of local plumbers and certified contractors in Glen Ellyn, IL to perform an inspection and maintenance. We are committed to keeping your AC running efficiently and safely. Most importantly, it keeps more money in your pocket. 

Furnace Repair

Furnace Repair & Installation Services 

You depend on your furnace to keep you warm and comfortable during colder weather. It’s only right that you treat the system to regular furnace maintenance and repair. But like anything, mishaps happen, and you may wake up one cold morning to find out that your furnace isn’t working. That’s where we come in. 

Our team of certified technicians are just a phone call away when you need emergency furnace repair, installation, or maintenance in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. For all furnace-related issues, trust that our certified furnace technicians will deliver excellent service on time, every time. Our staff of local plumbers and professional contractors offer 24-hour furnace repair services so that you can keep your home cozy and comfortable. 

Our Heating Services:

  • Furnace Repair
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Furnace Installation
  • Furnace Replacement

Don’t wake up to a broken furnace. Give our team of technicians in Glen Ellyn, IL a call by phone at (630) 968-0783 to discuss the advantages of performing a furnace repair and schedule an appointment. Our contractors have the equipment and tools necessary to restore the distribution of warm air in your house.

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Water Heater Repair & Replacement Services 

our water heater works hard behind the scenes of your home to deliver hot water for your appliances. When it doesn’t work, you tend to notice right away. Whether you’re experiencing water heater issues or require maintenance, Stephens Plumbing has you covered. 

Our certified team of local plumbers in Glen Ellyn will arrive at your home promptly and respectively to restore your water heater. Count on our team of plumbers for dependable water heater repair and installation services. We guaranteed prompt service, competitive pricing, and quality repairs that’ll keep your unit working to the best standard. 

Our Water Heater Services Include: 

  • Gas or Electric Water Heater Installation
  • Gas or Electric Water Heater Repair
  • Water Heater Service and Maintenance
  • Replacement Options for Water Heaters

Ensure your water heater works every time you turn it on. Contact our local plumbers in Glen Ellyn, IL and we will repair your water heater hassle-free. 

Water Heater

4 Types of Water Heater Noises 

Hear a strange noise coming from your water heater? Don’t ignore it. This could lead to expensive repairs if left untreated. Here’s a list of strange noises that could indicate your water heater needs repair. Contact your local plumber if you hear the following. 

Popping Noises 

Do you hear popping sounds from your water heater? Popping noises typically indicate your water heater has built-up mineral deposits and sediment at the bottom of the tank. Here’s why this isn’t a good thing. Sediment buildup—lime, calcium, sand, and other debris—can travel through your water supply and gather at the bottom of your water heater. 

While a small amount is normal, excessive buildup eventually traps water beneath it, resulting in an unsettling popping sound. And before you know it, water begins to boil over your tank or can even cause the water tank to crack from too much pressure. Our staff of local plumbers in Glen Ellyn, IL will perform an inspection of your hot water heater to determine the source of the popping sounds. 

Screeching Sounds 

Is your water heater emitting a high-pitch screech? Water flow restriction could be the culprit. This is commonly due to the inlet control valve on the water heater. If the inlet control valve is partially closed, this valve will block water from flowing through the pipes. Your best bet? Contact our staff of local plumbers in Glen Ellyn, IL to help diagnose and solve the problem before it wreaks havoc on your home. 

Cracking Noises 

Experiencing cracking sounds instead? If you own a gas-powered water heater, condensation on the burner is likely the cause. Fortunately, for gas water heater owners, you don’t have to be alarmed: although annoying, this sound doesn’t indicate that anything is wrong with the water heater. 

Sizzling Sounds 

What about a sizzling sound? Sizzling noises usually indicate that water is dripping onto the burner. If your hot water isn’t working, or if you witness water pooling around the water heater, this is a sure sign that you have a leak that needs to be fixed by a local plumber. 

Water Line Repair & Installation Services 

A water line leak can cause irreversible damage and expensive repairs if left untreated for too long. From hazardous mold to structural deterioration—thousands of dollars can go into fixing your system. Avoid this problem and maintain your system to the best degree with the help of our local plumbers.

Our team of plumbers in Glen Ellyn, IL can handle your water line issues quickly. Our team of certified plumbers provides an array of quality water line services to ensure you save money and maintain your water line. Our team of local plumbers offers water line repair and other maintenance services for faucets, toilets, water heaters, garbage disposals, and valves. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

Plumbing Services 

Regardless of your plumbing problem, our staff of local plumbers in Glen Ellyn, IL have a solution for you. As a leading plumbing provider, we promptly offer exceptional 24-hour plumbing repair, replacement, and installation services. 

When it comes to your plumbing system, never settle for subpar service. Our plumbing company offers 24-hour plumbing services from power rodding to faucet installations and more, detecting any leaks or clogged drains that might intrude on your home and comfort.

Our Services Include:

  • HVAC Repair, Maintenance, & Installation
  • Kitchen, Bathroom, & Basement remodel
  • Drain Cleaning & Power Rodding
  • Plumbing & HVAC Service Counter
  • Water Heater Repair, Install, & Replacement

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