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Tips for Damaged Main Water Lines & Emergency Repair Services


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Water Line Repair & Replacement in Downers Grove and Chicago, Illinois

Need Assistance with Damaged Water Lines? Contact a Specialist

Reliable & Proven Water Line Repair, Replacement & Installation Services

Main water lines connected to the home are what bring us clean drinking water. Although most run free from issues, main water lines can leak or become damaged over the years. Breaks in main water lines usually result from external corrosion of the pipe, while some can be damaged during construction or road maintenance. If you notice a damaged water line, contact a plumbing repair specialist. Stephens Plumbing offers affordable water line repair, replacement, and installation services for homes and commercial facilities. We provide water line repair solutions throughout Chicago, Downers Grove, Naperville, and other areas in Illinois. In addition, Stephens Plumbing also provides backflow testing services to prevent plumbing emergencies such as water overflow or contamination. Other plumbing solutions include commercial plumbing repair, water heater installation, fixture replacement, and drain cleaningContact a specialist at Stephens Plumbing to book a water line repair or backflow testing appointment.

One of the first signs of main water line trouble is the presence of silt, rust, or debris in the  home’s water supply. It is important to note that in most instances a loss of water pressure is not always present when a main water line is compromised. With no outward signs of damage in the home’s plumbing lines, homeowners may find themselves at a loss of what to do.

Usually maintained by the city or township, there are a few things you should do, should you suspect the main water line connected to your home has become damaged:

Call a Plumbing & Water Line Repair Specialist

Because the main water line is your source of clean drinking water, a main water line break is considered a safety hazard and, therefore, a plumbing emergency. If you suspect a main water line issue, the first thing you should do is call a plumbing repair and installation specialist. Our team provides safe, reliable, and proven water line repair and replacement solutions. Contact our team of emergency plumbers to receive immediate assistance and care.

Shut off the Water

To stop sludge and debris from continuing to enter your home and potentially clog your system’s pipes, shut off the main water valve to your home. Some plumbing systems may turn easily by hand, but keep in mind, you may need a specialty tool or wrench to shut the valve. You should also refrain from drinking water from your faucets until the break is repaired and your plumbing system has been flushed out. Need assistance with a plumbing project? We offer services such as toilet installationwater heater repair, gas line repair, sump pump installation, and garbage disposal repair.

Contact an Emergency Plumber to Receive Immediate Help with Your Damaged Water Line

Flush Your Pipes

Once you get the all clear that the water line break has been repaired, you’ll want to flush your pipes prior to using your water for bathing or drinking. An easy way to do this is to close off all other faucets and run the largest faucet, usually located in the bathtub, using the cold water valve. We recommend running water through the largest faucet in your home to remove large debris from the home plumbing system. This may help reduce the risk of clogs and expensive plumbing repair projects. While the water is running, listen for sputtering or spitting, which indicates air in the lines. Once the water runs clear and the air bubbles are released, the plumbing system should be fully flushed out.

Install a Water Filtration System

One of the best ways to keep silt and debris from your city’s water pipes out of your home is to install a water filtration system. A water filtration system will reduce the amount of foreign debris entering your home and drinking water. Contact a professional plumber or HVAC technician at Stephens Plumbing to learn more about filtration systems and water pipe repair solutions.

Our plumbing specialists offer water line repair and installation services in Downers Grove, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Chicago, and various additional areas in Illinois. If you are in need of emergency plumbing assistance, contact us. Our emergency plumbers here for you 24/7 should the need arise.

Need Assistance with a Leaky or Broken Water Line? Contact an Emergency Plumbing Specialist

We Also Provide Reliable HVAC Repair & Install Services

Call us: (630) 968-0783

In addition to plumbing services, our team also offers air conditioning and furnace repair services to homes in Downers Grove, Illinois and other areas. Schedule an appointment to receive assistance. 

HVAC Repair Services