Stay Cool With These Thermostat Efficiency Tips

thermostat efficiency tips

Summertime is all about days at the beach and cookouts in the backyard. It also means you’ll need to crank up your air conditioning unit to counteract the hot temperatures. However, this comes at a cost of higher utility bills. Before you turn down the dial, read up on some thermostat efficiency tips to avoid a dent in your finances during the dog days of summer.

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Beat The Heat

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 78℉. This sounds counterintuitive, but it’s for a good reason. Because the interior of your home is nearly similar to the temperature outside, the slower the heat flow into your home, which saves energy when you use the air conditioner. When you’re not home, the Environmental Protection Agency says to increase your thermostat temperature by seven degrees. These energy-saving methods will save you money in the long run. According to Trane, you can save up to three percent of your overall utility bill for every increment above 72 degrees.

The (Cool) Wave of the Future

Another great tip is to invest in a programmable or smart thermostat. Some homes still have the traditional dial-based thermostat on the wall, but it’s in your best interest to bring your temperature control system into the modern era. With these new devices you can create an even more efficient cooling system by way of scheduled temperature changes. You can tell the device to automatically change the temperature when you sleep, leave for work, or come home, which could provide you with more savings. Some smart thermostats even have an app for your phone so you can make alterations to your thermostat when you’re out of the house.

The Sweet Spot

The location of your thermostat is also an important factor. To prevent incorrect readings, you should place it on an interior wall away from direct sunlight. You should also avoid placing furniture in front or below it because it can block the natural flow of air around the thermostat. Last, but not least, make sure it’s placed in an accessible location to make it easy to reach.

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