How to Hire an HVAC Company

With summer in full swing, air conditioning units are running overtime. This increase in use can bring its share of issues, especially with older air conditioner systems. When our HVAC systems need repair, how do we know the right team to call? We want to hire HVAC contractors that are honest and fair, and who we can trust with one of the most expensive systems in our homes. So, how do you go about finding the right HVAC company for the job? Keep these qualifications in mind when hiring a HVAC contractors.

Be Informed

Prior to calling an HVAC company, take time to research the problem on your own. Knowing what’s most likely wrong with your air conditioner can save you time and money in the long run. A quick Google search of your system’s symptoms can lead you to a wealth of knowledge and help you identify what the problem might be. Here’s a list of common issues with air conditioning systems to guide you in deciphering the issue.

Look for Experience and Certifications

Typically, you’ll want to hire a team of HVAC contractors that have been in the HVAC industry for a while, ensuring they have had experience with a multitude of HVAC issues. Also, regardless of the work the HVAC company claims to do, you’ll definitely want to make sure the contractors you select have the proper licensing and certifications. Some HVAC companies display this information on their website or in promotional materials, while others don’t. If you don’t see any certifications listed, ask. You’ll want to look for state certifications and licensing as well as EPA and NATE certifications.  

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Learn from References and Reviews

Nothing is more telling about the quality of service you can expect from an HVAC company than references and reviews. Ask trusted friends and family which HVAC contractors they’ve used in the past, and find out what they liked/disliked about the service they received. If you are searching online, look to Google and Facebook reviews to help you determine the character and quality of a HVAC company. While these types of reviews are subjective, you’ll want to look for mentions in relation to timeliness, price changes, and quality of work when researching a potential air conditioning service provider.

Request a Proposal

No HVAC company should agree to work with a handshake these days. Request a written proposal that has costs and the scope of work spelled out to ensure there are no surprises when the final bill comes. Also be sure to ask about the possibility of any additional costs after work begins, and what they might be. Covering these bases will ensure both parties are on the same page about the HVAC work to be completed and the associated costs.

Hiring an HVAC company doesn’t have to be rocket science. By using the tips provided above, you can be prepared and feel comfortable you’ve hired the right team for the job.

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