Is Your Plumbing Extreme Weather-Proof?

plumbing during winter

Around this time of year, extreme weather can really put your plumbing to the test. The freezing temperatures can have devastating effects on the efficiency in which your plumbing runs. If not monitored, it can become bothersome to fix. With the right precautions, you can make sure your home plumbing system runs without a hitch, and in turn, saves you the costly repairs.

• Exposed plumbing: Pipes located on the inside of your house can be a pretty easy thing to address in prevention of freezing and possibly bursting. The key to addressing this issue is not leaving pipes exposed. Uncovered pipes, especially in unheated areas of the house, are usually the most at risk for damage, and insulation could be key to stopping freezing. Foam insulation can take care of those unprotected pipes.

• Extended periods away from home: For families who plan vacations during the cold winter months, taking preventative measures before leaving can make all the difference in coming home to a smooth running home, versus coming back to expensive and avoidable damages. Before leaving, make sure the home furnace is set to no lower than 55 degrees. You also want to shut off your main water supply and drain your system by opening faucets and flushing any toilets before leaving.

Taking the first steps to protecting your home can make all the difference, whether it’s keeping your home at a set temperature, leaving cabinet doors open to allow for better air circulation, or leaving faucets to drip. Making sure water is circulating properly throughout your home will put you at an early advantage. Freezing pipes can be pesky but with these simple tips, your home will always be ready for any climate.